Business process engineering is the study of business processes so that they can be improved and streamlined for optimum efficiency in terms of performance and cost. The ultimate goal of business process engineering is to ensure those processes contribute to your overall goals.

Business process engineering involves examining the following:

  • Long-term organizational vision and goals
  • Policies, processes, standards, guidelines
  • Measurements, improvement objectives
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Key Components to Business Process Engineering

Process Improvement

One key component to business process engineering is Process Improvement. This includes the ability to define the organization’s current methodology and to redesign, reconstruct, and monitor processes to ensure they are effective in meeting the organization’s goals.

Process Improvement must be incorporated into an organization’s culture to ensure that processes stay streamlined and efficient.  Processes may run smoothly until external factors trigger change, e.g., changes in technology, loss of corporate knowledge due to personnel reassignments, new regulatory policies, etc.  Processes do not remain static – they must be assessed periodically to ensure continuous improvement. 

Quality Assurance

This business process provides objective insight into your processes and work products. Quality Assurance ensures that your business processes are followed and that work products and services satisfy requirements.  Quality Assurance is essential to developing and delivering a quality product. 

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Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a key component to effective business process engineering. The purpose is to maintain the integrity of work products and to accommodate and manage change to those work products.  Whether your development methodology is waterfall, agile, or something in between, Configuration Management ensures that your product is consistently managed and controlled. 

Business process engineering is an important aspect to any organization for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in operations. Consider incorporating this into your business if you are interested in enhancing organizational operations, long-term performance goals, and overall improvement.

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