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Benefits of a GSA schedule

by PPT l Jul 6, 2020

PPT Solutions is proud to hold a GSA Schedule Contract. This contract serves as a major tool for the government to purchase products and services and allows PPT to bid on a wider range of contracts.


General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contracts are indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, long-term contracts under the GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. These contracts contain pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, and terms and conditions allowing for a much more streamlined buying process. 


Purchases can be made directly from a contractor’s GSA Schedule Contract, eliminating time-consuming responses to more complex RFPs and lengthy negotiations. 


Recently, PPT Solutions was able to modify its existing Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule to include IT Professional Services. This allows our team to offer the following to the federal government:


  • Cloud Services
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Conversion and Implementation Support 
  • Database Planning and Design 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • IT Project Management
  • Migration Services 
  • Network Services 
  • Programming
  • Resources and Facilities Management 
  • Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation 


Additionally, we are able to sell the following services through our GSA Schedule: 


  • Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities
  • Concept Development and Requirements Analysis
  • System Design, Engineering and Integration 
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Integrated Logistics Support 
  • Acquisition and Life Cycle Management
  • Integrated Consulting Services 
  • Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education
  • Logistics Training Services 
  • Acquisition Management Support
  • Integrated Business Program Support Services 
  • IT Professional Services

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Obtaining a GSA Schedule

Prior to taking the necessary steps to obtain a GSA schedule, it is important to research the available schedules to determine which option is best for your company. 


Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract is a process that is broken up into two parts. The first step is preparing your proposal. This can take several months to complete and includes developing pricing, gathering data to support the proposal, such as invoices and previously submitted proposals, from the last two years.


The second step is the GSA reviewing the proposal and negotiating your contract award. Once the proposal has been submitted, the GSA will review submissions. There are typically several negotiation points with the government prior to award, should the government feel the company is competitive and rates are fair and reasonable.

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In order to be eligible for a GSA Schedule Contract, a company must meet the following criteria: 


  • Financial Stability 
  • At least two years in business 
  • Past Performance 
  • Products compliant with the Trade Agreements Act. 

Next Steps After GSA Schedule Award

After the GSA Schedule has been awarded, the company must keep up several requirements to maintain the contract, such as monthly reporting and earning a designated amount of sales each year through the GSA Schedule Contract.


Once a company has received its GSA Schedule Contract, the contract holder has access to online GSA systems to include GSA Advantage!, GSA E-buy, and GSA Reverse Auctions. Additionally, a company can use its GSA Schedule to solicit hundreds of federal customers, including: 


  • Federal and Executive Agencies
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Government of the District of Columbia
  • Government Contractors Authorized to Spend Federal Dollars
  • Certain Institutions and International Organizations 


To date, there are more than 11 million commercial products and services available through GSA Schedules.


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Benefits to Having a GSA Schedule 


GSA schedules bring positive growth to a business, drive production, legitimize a business as a trusted source, and allow businesses to gain loyal customers.


Most importantly, small businesses who are looking to grow and prosper have a unique opportunity with GSA schedules to find opportunities designated just for them. The government contracting marketplace can be highly competitive, but with this contract, companies are given an advantage when marketing its products and services. 


““Having our GSA Schedule and working with other companies helped us win our first direct award GSA contract,” said Leon Pelletier, Contracts Manager. “This has significantly grown our business locally and helped us to create a larger footprint in the industry. We plan to take wins like this and continue to grow and provide great people, processes, and technology to support our government and warfighter.”  


View PPT Solutions’ GSA Schedule here. 

Discover more about GSA schedules here. 



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