According to a study completed in 2017, four out of every ten people who work for the U.S. government are private contractors. In order for so many private contractors to set themselves apart, they must have a captivating corporate culture.

The world of government contracting is a unique one, with companies serving America’s greatest military requirements for research and development, systems and software engineering, cyber security, and more.

American soldiers lined upThe thread that ties government contractors together is the common goal: supporting the United States and its war fighters with the best products and services possible.

Contractors are particularly sensitive to the success or failure of the programs they serve, because of the ultimate customer they serve and the impact they have on the overall efficiency of the U.S. The employees of private contractors truly believe in the work they are doing, because it evokes a sense of patriotism and American duty.

“This is noble work,” said Dan Stohr, spokesman for the Aerospace Industries Association, in the article Working for a Defense Contractor is Surprisingly Cool. “The people who are in charge of keeping the nation and our skies safe are pointing to us with real gratitude for the work we do.”

With so many government contractors working within the defense industry, all toward a common goal, how do you incorporate the right corporate culture?


Differentiating Your Company


Three team members fist bumping to represent supportive corporate culture

In George Bradt’s article, Corporate Culture: The Only Truly Sustainable Competitive Advantage, he says, “As all music is made from the same 12 notes, all culture is made from the same five components: behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values, and environment. It’s the way those notes or components are put together that makes things sing.”

Your corporate culture is the biggest differentiator you can offer. It should be a strong, sustainable, and recognizable foundation on which your employees all work from and invest in.

At PPT Solutions, we differentiate ourselves by being committed to building strong, positive relationships with our employees, teaming partners, customers, and community. We understand that a company’s success story is the collective result of everyone involved.

Consider these five things from the BRAVE framework when setting your company apart from the competition.



It starts with leadership. Leaders have to buy into the corporate culture first and establish the corporate behavior. Then, employees will follow suit. Trust your leader to take you on the path they’ve committed to.

Additionally, leaders must celebrate behaviors that exhibit the desired corporate culture, focus on what is going right, and hold the entire company to a higher goal.



Create a respectful workplace and care about each other. There is a common goal we are all working toward. Care about each other along the way on a professional and personal level.Two people shake hands in team meeting

Take action on anything that needs to be fixed immediately. Government contractors who work hard to go above and beyond the expected benefits usually experience lower turnover, higher retention rates, and strong brand recognition.

By listening to what employees have to say, they feel more respected, processes are quickly improved, and progress becomes reality.



Boil down what your company does, why they do it, and who is impacted by the work you do. Never forget the company’s purpose. Align your people to the corporate culture and get them excited and proud to be working for your company. Everyone needs to understand why the company exists so that they have a sense of pride every day they come to work.



Ensure your company’s mission and vision is easily understood by all. The language within the government contracting corporate culture can be confusing. Ensure the company mission and vision is crystal clear and free of jargon.

The corporate culture echoes AND executes the mission of the company. At PPT, the corporate culture is built around a mission and vision: “Provide the best people, processes, and technology, ensuring all elements are working together to achieve optimum performance.”


EnvironmentEmployees laughing at table to represent positive corporate culture environment

Your corporate culture is a reflection of what your organization stands for, and as the voice of your business, youremployees are key to ensuring that it succeeds. When you provide a work environment that your staff enjoys spending time in, it can help to improve their performance every day.

Maintain the BRAVE framework, and watch your corporate culture flourish. Discover more about the PPT culture here.



Incorporated in 2005, PPT Solutions, Inc. provides systems and software engineering services to government and commercial aerospace organizations. PPT represents People, Processes, and Technology, and it is our goal to offer solutions that improve the effectiveness of these three things to work together for optimum performance. Find out more today!