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PPT Solutions Announces Its Development of scoodōvo [www.scoodovo.com].

scoodōvo is a media-driven tool built to facilitate the needs of teachers and school systems with the community that supports them. It provides an easily accessible, centralized resource that promotes volunteerism and directs assets to where they are most needed. Any teacher or designated education staff member can post volunteer opportunities and/or material needs to the scoodōvo site.

scoodōvo has a wealth of features, including tracking request status and donations, filtering needs by school or status, and matching volunteer skill sets to available opportunities. Prospective donors can quickly evaluate posted donation requests and respond.

Jim Reeb, CEO of PPT Solutions, stated that “scoodōvo was conceived and developed by PPT Solutions as a result of our focus on the People, the Process, and the Technology needed to connect schools and community. Through communication with local school and community leaders we heard this question; ‘How can we bridge the communication gap between the parent/volunteer community and the teachers’ needs for the classroom; enhancing connections already established through Parent/Teacher Organizations?’ We believe scoodōvo is the answer to that question. By utilizing today’s Technologies--the Internet, Mobile Applications and Social Media--scoodōvo is the platform (Process, Technology) that will give teachers an automated and easy way to reach the greater community of parents and volunteers about the needs for the classroom. scoodōvo provides the streamlining needed to track material donations and volunteer opportunities across the greater school system community; allowing for the sharing of resources which gives every student every advantage possible to succeed in the classroom. scoodōvo is a win-win for the all the People; administrators, teachers, parents, the greater community of volunteers and donators, and most important of all, the students.”

scoodōvo helps put the focus back on the students and learning by getting some of the load off the teachers and the administrators. It matches the helpers and the resources to the needs of the classroom and does it in such a way that streamlines the administrative process. The resulting benefits are impressive: empowered volunteers that understand the needs of their school system, materials identified and supplied before they are needed, long-term relationships built from having the right skills on the right task before they affect the students. The on-line format lends itself to the social media world that we live in and doesn't put things on hold until the next PTA meeting.

For more information contact the scoodōvo team at 1.877.713.4389.